Everett Alfonsa

Greetings, Thanks for checking out the site. On Park Street Peet’s Coffee I’m know as POPCORN, amount friends and family I’m called EV, and when introducing myself, EVERETT it is. I’m the primary graphic designer, books keeper, copy machine operator, house cleaner, consultant, council and muzic selecta (insert airhorns here). If when you see, CMYK – RGB – PDF – JPG – DPI – PNG, you think WTF? You are at the right place. We do a variety of things like convert digital files to print, email, post, and do it so it’s not blurry or pixilated. If the project is so frustrating you don’t want to even deal with it, send it to us. I’m sure we’ve seen it, done it or experienced it and know how to adjust, correct and fix it.

If you have any questions, please drop us a note.