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All Access Construction logo 2018 – present

Send us your doodle and we will recreate it as a black and white digital file, which is the foundation to all art, that can be placed on T-Shirts, business cards, postcards, billboards, and more. $40 – $120


All Access Construction combo logo 2018 – present

CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These four (4) colors are used in off-set printing. RGB = red, green and blue. These three (3) colors are primarily used for LCD, PLASMA and other types of display monitors.


All Access Construction logo 2005 – 2018

DPI = dots per inch. When formatting a file, it’s good to know how the image is going to be used. It helps determine if the file will be set up at 150 dpi or 350 dpi. More dots per inch means clearer image. But be careful, the eye can only recognize so many dots in an inch.

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We are as small collective of digital designers. We make the visions in your head tangible.

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